These are the terms and conditions for the car program:

  1. Participant must be a member of the NGO
  2. During registration, members are to make sure they provide their names as it is in their BVN. Those who fail in this regard will bear the consequences and accept the responsibility for any delay in their account linking
  3. Every Member is entitled to a value pack worth above their membership fee after their registration
  4. A member must directly or indirectly spot active persons in their system according to their slots to qualify for a Provisional Offer Letter (kindly note that one is to take responsibility (provide the persons according to the slots) for his wards (brother, mother, children, relatives, e.tc) if spotted through your lines
  5. Members are to consciously transfer 80% from every encashment to the NGO car savings account from their profit centre in accumulation for the car of their choice (only members religiously doing their 80% accumulation will be entitled to the incentives of the organisation and release of car upon his/her 75% car accumulation fund)
  6. Release of car and photocopies of car documents upon 75% accumulation of total cost of car
  7. Release of original copies of car documents upon full payments of cost of car.
  8. In case of any eventuality (death, accident, e.tc), participant next of kin takes charge.
  9. Members takes charge of their profit centre (DTC), thus fully in charge of their pay out.
  10. In the advent of withdrawal from the car program by way of requesting for cash payment of your accumulated funds before the stipulated period, the accumulated funds will be released to you.
  11. In the advent of requesting for cash instead of car, your total accumulated funds with the NGO will be released to you.
  12. The success of all members in the program is the top most priority of the organisation, thus policies/terms and conditions will be reviewed periodically to suit the present reality.
  13. In the advent of failure to directly spot persons according to your slots after a maximum of 60days, your system will be open until you spot persons according to your slots, only then your payment will commence in the program.
  14. No refund of membership fees after registration.
  15. Your spotted persons are not just to fill or occupy your slot, but to ensure their success in the program therefore you are responsible to teach and guide them to succeed.
  16. Each person spotted via your lines must be duly informed of his responsibility to spot his/her persons in the program according to their slots, as this is the key factor for fund generation in your system (kindly note that inactive persons/ persons unwilling to do their bits in the program will affect your funds generation).
  17. The money for your car is based on the 80% savings from your profit centre(s).
  18. In case of membership termination due to any unforeseen circumstances the member is only entitled for the refund of his/her accumulated 80%.